Rest For the Weary

Since the spring, my plate has been overflowing with obligations and to-do lists. From home renovations and inspections and mortgage applications to the daily drain that is life, I’ve found myself nearly completely overwhelmed at the end of every day. And for me, with all of that comes frustration, anxiety and an overall feeling of hopelessness. Since we moved into our sweet new home last Thursday, I have taken the past week to rest and relax and simply enjoy time with my family. It has been a balm for my tired soul.

Front porch sitting, talks with the kids in the kitchen while I cook dinner, snuggle-ups with Polly in my bed while I drink morning coffee, lazy drives down country roads with no music on the radio so that I can just be.

I haven’t looked at course curriculum or lesson plans or classroom ideas once this summer. Up until last week, I simply had no room in my life for it. And while the empty space on my plate opened up a bit this week, I made a conscious decision to keep school in its box until my first scheduled day of work for the upcoming school year.

Sure, I start to feel a little panicky when I think about how my classroom is still literally packed up in boxes and milk crates in one corner of Room 110. And how by now, I usually have two week’s worth of lesson plans and class activities already written and ready to go.

But you know what?

[insert deep breath here]

It’s all going to be okay. The school things will get done in the time that it takes. And if not every single thing is finished by August 6th, then life will still go on and my students will not suffer.

If I have learned anything from this crazy season of life, it’s that rest is worth it. It is worth saying no and risking disappointing people. It is worth shutting down social media and missing out on the latest happenings. It is worth disconnecting from people who take and take and don’t give back in return. It is worth declining invitations just so I can stay home with my boys and be together.

As this summer starts to wrap up, I want to encourage you to think about where you can create space for rest in your life. Even if it’s simply 10 minutes a day sitting in quiet to start, I think you’ll find yourself where I am – thankful, rested and that much more ready to embrace and invest in the things and the people that mean the most to me.

Published by

Ellie Talley

Ellie is a writer and teacher. She lives in Tennessee with her husband and children.

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