Fun Learning: A Working List

Schools across the United States are closed right now, leaving more than 41 million students without their regular daily routines and learning schedules. (link) There’s a lot of confusion and frustration and grief running through hearts and minds here in America, and adding the expectation of schooling at home onto parents’ full plates is not my idea of a good time.

There are so many ways that our children can explore and learn that don’t have to be formal educational experiences. To help you navigate all of the information out there, I’ve compiled a list of resources that I have used with my students and my own children to give them opportunities to learn and grow without breaking out workbooks. (Not that all workbooks are always a bad idea, but let’s be real. They’re usually boring. Especially when done in isolation.)

I found many of these over the years through Common Sense Education, one of my favorite go-tos for digital learning. The list is organized by subject and grade bands are provided, too. I hope you’ll find some of these to be helpful!

As always, I would encourage you to screen these apps, websites, and activities before giving your child access just to make sure it’s developmentally appropriate. :)

Know that I am rooting for you, mama, as you navigate this new normal. We’re all in this thing together.


Epic! (K-5) // A digital library collection to encourage a love of reading

TIME for Kids (K-6) // News magazine for kids on current events and informational text

Storybird (K-12) // For creating and publishing storybooks

Newsela (2-12) // Current news stories and text library, leveled for students’ reading ability

Grammarly (6-12) // Writing tips for improving composition skills


CodeMonkey (K-12) // Game-based learning experience to help kids learn coding

Khan Academy (K-12) // Excellent resource for teaching, practicing, and re-teaching math skills

Prodigy (1-8) // Responsive math platform that adapts to children’s skill needs with game-like features

** Click here for more STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) recommendations.**


National Geographic Kids (Pre K-8) // Stories and beautiful images about the world and wildlife

Mystery Science (K-5) // Science activities and lessons based on big questions and children’s curiosity

Generation Genius (K-8) // Videos and lessons to get kids interested in science.

Google Earth (K-12) // Awesome for virtual field trips and world exploration

Social Studies

PBS KIDS (Pre K-6) // Loads of engaging content for children

Google Lit Trips (K-12) // Bridge the connection between stories and the places they occur

National Museum of African American History and Culture Learning Labs (K-12) // Helps children understand American history through the African American lens

Cast Your Vote (5-8) // Learn about the voting process and political issues

Race to Ratify (6-12) // Engaging game-based learning centered on the Constitution and persuasion techniques

Smithsonian Kids (2-12) // Interactive activities across many disciplines including US history, inventions, animals, and more




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