About Ellie


Hi, y’all! I’m Ellie Talley and I love stories.

I am a wife, mama and teacher from small-town Tennessee. Welcome to my sweet little piece of the Internet. I’m glad you’re here!

Most days you can find me laughing with my husband Charlie, getting into shenanigans with my two sons, preparing meals in the kitchen at our home, Crangle Hall, or reading in my favorite chair with our Boston Terrier, Polly, snuggled up in my lap. I’m a middle school history teacher and chronic doodler, and I steadily maintain a love-hate relationship with running.

Being a 2w1 on the Enneagram means that I’m really good at helping people, so I’m passionate about listening to people’s stories, exploring empathy and vulnerability, and finding ways to keep healthy boundaries while also building connections and trying to make a difference in this big, beautiful world.

I’m open-hearted, honest to a fault and still finding my way in this world, just like you.

For over six years, I worked in some of the most impoverished communities here in Tennessee as an educator and mentor. Things like justice, equality and beating the odds get my heart beating double-time. I love people and believe that everyone should get a fair chance in life.

In the winter of 2011, I went through a really difficult divorce and was a single mama of my two boys until October of 2016 when I married my one true love. Together, Charlie and I have five children.

In early November of 2019, I started my journey of sobriety. I mention these life experiences because many of my essays and posts stem from and point back to them.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, there is space for you here at the table. I honor your presence and hope you’ll find something that speaks to you.

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